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The Republic of Maltais a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. This tiny country with the area of 316 km2 and 475,700 of populationgained its popularity due to summertime festivals, historic heritage, ancient cathedrals and temples, chic harbours and breathtaking views from the coastline. 

Malta is one the minority European countries which offers a citizenship by investment programme, known as the Malta Individual Investor Programme (Malta IIP) which is recognized by the EU Commission and gives full rights of citizenship in an European country.



  • Life-long citizenship

  • Malta recognizes dual citizenship  

  • Processing time for the citizenship application is only 4-12 months.

  • Spouse, dependent children under 26 years and dependent parents above 55 are also included on the same application.

  • Have the right to live, work and study in Malta and any EU country.

  • Low tax rates 

  • No tax onnet worth, gift and inheritance

  • Malta’s citizens, not residing in Malta, are only taxable on a remittance basis 

  • Visa-free access to more than 160 countries and territories, including Canada, Schengen zone countries, the United States etc. 

Programme requirements:

  • To be in the age of majority (i.e. at least 18 years old)

  • To be in good health condition and prove it with ‘fit and proper test’ 

  • To be high net-worth individual

  • NO criminal record


  • Citizenship

Investment Options

In order to be qualified for the citizenship of this country there are 3 following options: 

  1. To make a contribution to  the National Development and Social Fund

  2. To purchase real estate

  3. To make aninvestment in Government-Approved Financial Instruments



1-The National Development and Social Fund

Under this option, applicants make a non-refundable donation to the National Development and Social Fund

Minimum Contribution ()

Main applicant: €650,000


Minor children (13-18): €25,000

Dependent children between 18 and 26 and any dependent parent: €50,000


In this route,applicants must reside in Malta for at least five years, either by purchasing or leasing property.

Minimum value: ()

€350,000 in case of purchasing

€16,000 a yearin case of leasing


Under this option, applicants make an investment in Government-approved financial instruments, such as stocks or bonds. They must be maintained for at least five years.

Minimum Contribution ()

Main applicant: €150,000

Diligence fees:

Main applicant: €7,500


Minor children (13-18):€3,000

Dependent children between 18 and 26 and any dependent parent: €5,000

* Other fees may include legal fees and passport fees. Fees are subject to change. Please, contact us for a quote.