Immigration Made Easy




The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country situated on a fertile plain with small areas of hills, which altogether covers 33,845 square kilometers (13,199 sq. mi) and is inhabited by 4.32 million people. This is the country with a comfortable continental climate, diverse nature and rich traditions. 

Moldova strengthened its political and economic situation by signing an association agreement with the EU back in 2014 and creating a free trade area. In the summer of 2018 the Moldovan government together with the Moldovan Investment Company (MIC) developed an investment program of the Republic of Moldova which has begun to operate therein. According to this program, investors are able to receive the citizenship of the country and enjoy lots of other benefits.


Program Highlights:

  • Relatively low investment and short time to receive citizenship.

  • Life-long citizenship with the right to pass it to future generations.

  • Spouse, dependent children under 29 years old and dependent parents over the age of 55 are also included on the same application.

  • Visa-free entry to more than 120 countries and territories including Europe’s Schengen zone, Russia and Turkey. 

  • Possibility to live, study and work in Moldova and EU countries.


  • Citizenship

Investment Program requirements:

  • To be able to make an investment in the state fund of Moldova

  • To pass a rigorous test on trustworthiness

Investment Option

In order to be qualified for the citizenship of this country and get its passport, applicants must make a gratuitous contribution to the state fund, the revenues from which will be directed to the development of the country.

Minimum Contribution depends on the number of applicants.