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Start-up Visa



You can do it in Canada by means of START-UP VISA PROGRAM

-What can be more thrilling than starting your own company?

 -Starting it in Canada!

The government of Canada is looking for you! The one full of enthusiasm, big dreams, brilliant ideas and great potential. Start-up Visa has been designed especially for the first-time entrepreneurs, so that they are able to realize themselves to the fullest extent. 


Our company will eagerly assist you with obtaining the necessary funding and visa. As the process itself is demanding and rather complicated, we will guide you along this path and even mentor you until you get your visa approval, arrive in Canada, set up and develop your company here. 

Successful candidates are encouraged to grow their own company here by getting in touch with other organizations from private sector, receiving sufficient funds and being provided with expert advice on starting an enterprise in Canada. 


First of all, the program has been established to attract innovative entrepreneurs from other countries and engage them in developing domestic economy and creating new jobs. 

To be considered for a Start-Up Visa, applicants must: 

  • Comply with the English/French language requirements (CLB in all skills);

  • Have funds to establish themselves economically in Canada;

  • Have completed minimum 1 year of post-secondary education and have good reputation at the educational establishment;

  • Be willing to reside in any province except for Quebec; and 

  • Pass medical clearances and Canadian security.

Due to the Start-Up Visa Program, only 5 foreign entrepreneurs will be able to make an application for permanent residence in case they are engaged in the same business activity.

Investment Requirements

In order to take part in the Start-Up Visa program, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has established a few venture capital funds, business incubator organizations and angel investor groups. 

Minimum Investment: 

It is necessary for successful candidates to make an investment for their start-up in Canada, though it does not have to be their own money. The minimum investment from venture capital fund must be $200,000, from angel investor groups - $75,000. In case the applicants do not manage to break through but they gained permanent residence through the Start-Up Visa program, their status will still be retained. 

Commitment Certificate

Commitment Certificate is a type of document which demonstrates the agreement between the candidate and an angel investor group, venture capital fund, or business incubator. It is issued by the investment organization and is submitted to IRCC in order to show their support and other important details of the commitment between the applicant and the investment organization.

Additionally, the investment organization provides the applicant with a letter of support which has to be submitted along with the application for permanent residence. In case there 2 (or more) applicants under the same business venture, then it is necessary to identify “essential persons” to this business and they will be key figures in the process of receiving permanent residence. If these persons are rejected, others included in the Commitment Certificate will get rejected in receiving their permanent residence as well.

Process of Peer Review 

A peer review process has been designed in order to protect this project against fraud and ensure that the agreements between the entrepreneurs from other countries and Canadian investment organizations are legitimate. For this purpose, an industry association, representing the type of investment organization which makes the commitment, has established special peer review panels. A peer review panel may be requested by an immigration officer to assess the commitment made between the foreign national entrepreneurs and an investment organization. For instance, in case of a venture capital fund, Private Equity Association and Canada’s Venture Capital would be considered responsible for setting the peer review panel. If it is an angel investor group, then the National Angel Capital Organization is going to be responsible. 

Peer reviews are not necessarily requested in all the cases, but only when the immigration officer needs additional assistance in the decision-making process. They do not guarantee a positive result either. Peer reviews will only ensure that all the necessary checks and investigations have been performed by the investment organization and that the new business venture complies with all the industry standards.

As far as this project is only pilot, it is possible to process no more than 2,750 applications per year and the program is restricted to 5 years only. However, if the Canadian Government approves of the Start-Up Visa program, by the end of the period of 5 years it may be established permanently. 

Make the use of this pilot program

Despite the fact that this program is demanding and intense, it is affordable for you. If you want to increase your chances in this program, contact us and our company will do our best to guide you along this path. We will help you to choose the most suitable program, provide you with priceless information and step-by-step guidance and make assessment of your chances to define whether you comply with all the eligibility requirements.

 If you want to make you immigration experience successful, do not hesitate and contact us.