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The Portuguese Republic is a country situated mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, territory of which also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira. In total Portugal covers 92,212 km2 (35,603 sq. mi) of land and is inhabited by approximately 10.3 million people.  This country has always attracted a lot of tourists with its mild Mediterranean climate, rich historical heritage and lush vineyards perched on the Atlantic shores. Fast-developing market in Portugal seduces investors with its numerous opportunities. Consequently, the Portuguese government launched Portugal’s Golden Resident Permit Program in 2012, which is very beneficial and flexible. 


Programme Highlights:

  • Visa which allows to live, study, work or undertake business in Portugal

  • Immediate family members and dependent parents are also included in the application 

  • Visa-free access to 172 countries and territories

  • Possibility to get permanent residency (5 years after being a temporary resident)

Investment Programme requirements:

  • No criminal record.  

  • To travel to Portugal on a valid Schengen visa first.

  • To comply with the minimum residency requirements.  

  • To provide the documents which approve the foreign origin of invested funds.

  • To have no frozen properties within the boundaries of the EU.

  • To renew Portuguese residence permits.

  • To live in Portugal for the minimal periods of time (7 days during the 1st year, 14 days during each next 2 years).

  • To pay all the fees connected to the application and process.

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Investment Options

In order to be qualified for the residency of this country there 3 following options:

  1. To invest in property

  2. To make capital investment

  3. To create 10 jobs in Portugal

    Three Options of Property Investment 

Under this option, there are three different ways to invest in property:

1. Minimum Investment  -€500,000

- to purchase property valued at €500,000 or more.

2. Minimum Investment  -€350,000

- to purchase property valued at €350,000 or more when this property is more than 30 years old or it is situated in urban territories which needs refurbishing.

3. Minimum Investment  -€400,000.00 or €280,000.00

- to purchase property in the sparsely populated area with the requirements mentioned above and get 20% reduction of the minimal investment.

* Please, contact us for choosing the most suitable property you can invest in.

Capital Investment

Under this option, there are three different ways to make your capital investment:

1.Minimum Investment  - €500,000€

  • To get shares in investment funds or to invest in venture capital.

2.Minimum Investment  - €350,000€

  • To invest in research activities.

3.Minimum Investment  - €250,000€

  • To invest in the reconstruction of the heritage projects of the nation or in the arts.

3.Ten Jobs Requirement

Under this 3rd option, applicants must create at least ten jobs in Portugal.