Immigration Made Easy




Quebec is interested in attracting new business ventures. Therefore, if you own or manage a business, you can get a Permanent Resident Visa and settle in the province of Quebec.

It is not a straightforward process to prove that you are able to start or obtain a commercial, agricultural or industrial business; though, we are here to help you overcome each potential difficulty in this process and meet all the requirements of the program.  

You can find out about the Quebec Entrepreneur Category in the page below. 

NOTE: The number of applications which may be processed has not been defined. 

NOTE: In the process of submitting the applications for the program, those foreign national entrepreneurs who successfully pass the test recognized by the Ministère and demonstrate their upper intermediate level of French proficiency are able to apply at any time and given priority. 



To be accepted for the program, all Quebec Entrepreneurs must: 

  • Be willing to settle in Quebec;

  • Demonstrate that they possess at least CAD$300,000 in net worth and these funds have been legally obtained either alone or by their spouse/common-law partner (if they are coming together); 

  • Have had the managerial experience in business for at least 2 years within the period of 5 years before submitting the application;

  • Have controlled minimum 25 per cent of the capital equity of the business enterprise; 

  • Demonstrate that the business has been profitable and they were engaged full time in it; 

  • Undergo medical examination;

  • Pass Canadian security clearance. 


The following requirements must be met when having arrived in Canada for minimum 1 year within 3-year course of holding a permanent resident status. The candidates must:

  • Set up a successful commercial, industrial or agricultural business in Quebec;

  • Demonstrate that the capital equity of the company amounts to at least CAD$100,000;

  • Control minimum 25% of the capital equity;

  • Hire minimum 1 resident of Quebec (besides the Entrepreneur and the family members under the application); 

  • Take active part in the business management.