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Student Visa



How to continue your education in Canada? 

This question often comes across the mind of college students who want to gain higher education in Canada or even parents hoping to provide better educational perspective for their minor children. Our company can assist you to achieve these goals by helping you to join 300,000 international students who are already studying in Canadian schools. 

If you dream of permanent residency in Canada, getting enrolled in a study program here will be an eminent step forward. As the fact that you’ve graduated from a Canadian institution gives you an opportunity to apply for some immigration programs and achieve your goal in an easy and quick way. Moreover, in Canada you may choose any discipline you are interested in and the tuition fees and living expenses are quite low in comparison to other developed countries! 


Step 1: Prepare to Study in Canada and Get an Admission

First of all, it is essential to learn about the Canadian education system, find a school, choose one of its program and follow the school’s application process thoroughly. 

Once you get admitted to the school you can easily obtain a student visa. 

Step 2: Study Permit

In a few cases, international students may study in Canada without a Study Permit; however, in other cases it is necessary to obtain it. Our company will assist you with getting it and, ultimately, guide you along the path where you will be able to work off-campus while studying and after you’ve completed your study program. 

What to do after you’ve completed your study program?

After graduation, you are given several opportunities to stay in Canada either by gaining your work experience or contributing to the economy and culture of this country. The following programs give you a chance of changing your study permit to a work permit or even of gaining a permanent residence:

  • one of the Provincial Nominee Programs;

  • Skilled Worker Program (Post-Graduation Work Permits);

  • Canadian Experience Class;

  • Quebec Experience Class.