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Due Diligence

Due Diligence


Our Due Diligence Department is a part of our international law firm that assists its clients to manage reputational, regulatory and operational risks. Through our international offices located in Canada, UAE, India, China, Russia and Ukraine, we are a strong force speaking different languages and are on guard of our clients’ interests and reputation. 

Starting from 2003, our expertise in immigration, business law and corporate due diligence has driven the company’s business to new heights and established the highest standards of service and advice in every area in which the company operates. This success is based on innovative technology-powered platform which enabled our clients make informed decisions that lower business risks and interruptions and open new opportunities. 

In 2017, Avista Professional Corporation has launched its immigration due diligence practice, offering its services to dozens of immigration law firms and governmental agencies and organizations involved in processing of immigration applications. Reputational and business risks of such organizations depend directly on their ability to receive information about its current and potential clients and customers. Lack of depth of information obtained through due diligence process could potentially jeopardize reputation of the companies and organizations to a great extent as well as create destructive business interruption risks. 

Our international team consists of the most experienced and brightest industry experts and professionals who deliver due diligence services at the highest level of professionalism. Our people is our strength that comes from very diverse backgrounds in law, intelligence, journalism, finance etc.