Immigration Made Easy




Our immigration team provides expertise in a broad range of business and individual immigration applications.  We work with our clients to deliver high-quality, cost-effective and efficient solutions in all areas of the complex and evolving area of citizenship and immigration. Together with our global partners, we are engaged in a multifaceted immigration practice involving more than a dozen of investor and citizenship by investment programs across the globe. 

Our immigration law services include

  • Citizenship by Investment programs in the following counties [links to be added to each program to its respective page on the site]:

    • Antigua and Barbuda

    • Canada;

    • Cyprus;

    • Dominica;

    • Grenada;

    • Kazakhstan;

    • Malta;

    • Moldova;

    • Montenegro;

    • Portugal;

    • St. Lucia

    • St. Kitt’s and Nevis

    • The United States

    • The United Kingdom